Limassol’s Barbershop team up for cancer charity

cutnshave team at cancer charity event in limassol
Cut'N'Shave cancer awareness

On November 24th, almost every barbershop in Limassol city gathered around to join the cancer fundraiser “LET’S SHAVE”. Organized by the Syndesmos Komoseon of Limassol.

Where did it take site and who was present?

The fundraising took place at Industry Bar, in Limassol, and was joined by a lot of Barbers and hair-product companies.

Barbershop Team at cancer charity fundraising
Cut’N’Shave Barbers Team

Several barbershops, including the Cut’N’Shave team, were present. Both the mayor of Limassol and Agios Athanasios was attending but also many other high politicians.

This wouldn’t be possible without our generous sponsors.

Which are JullyFranceParis, Limassol’s Syndesmos Komoseon, Industry, Healthway Trading, City Residence, Marine Support, Vegas Haircare, Uppercut, Go Care, Shadow Vip & security services, and Helen Seward, and many more.

The day began with an excellent DJ and a number of barbers that arranged and sterilized their shaving and haircutting equipment.

There were also artists who specialized in clay art and were making beards and barber tools outs of clay. Besides that, bartenders create amazing cocktails and drinks for us.

As matter of fact, the bar was fully packed with people.

Barbers were shaving everyone in attendance throughout the day, and mayors delivered speeches. As a matter of fact, Mr.Sam shaved Mr.Nicos Nicolaides after his speech.

Both Mayors
Both Mayors gave a welcoming speech

Everyone had a wonderful time after a long day of laughter and great company, with new friendships being made and a joyful day, had been had by all.


Mr.Sam and the mayor
Mr.Sam after shaving the mayor

This was a chance for our barbershop to give back to the community and at the same time make new friends.

For this reason as one of Limassol’s barbershops, we are now preparing to participate in the next charity event with a large amount of support.

Feel free to help us, by booking an appointment with us here.

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