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For this writing essay assignment, and just the simple fact that go to this place almost every other week, I choose to write about something that I was extremely comfortauble with, and that’s going to the barber shop. Over my life I have been to many different barbershops, some in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama, though they were all in different states, with different people and personalities, they all had the samething in common, and that was that homey and invinting feeling that they all gave off as you walked through the door. I have been going to the barber shop since I was a baby, so I know its surroundings and what it’s like up close. Although it may not sound very interesting, the shop is a really fun and informational environment. Some people go to their local shops and dont even bother to get haircuts, they just go to hear the lattest gossip and what going on not only localy, but globaly as well. There are even women who work at many barber shops, although they don’t cut hair as the men would, they’re more of a stylist for the women who need their hair done, im pretty sure the beauty shop is just as interesting as the barbershop is, as women love to gossip as well. I look at it like its a sort of art form, I mean there are thousands of different hairstyles that people go to barbershops and request. Cutting hair looks to be so simple and easy by first glance, but as you sit and just study the barbers every move, how carefully he cuts the hair to make sure everything is even and blends it all together, you realize that it takes quite some skill to do. Barbershops create a special social connectivity with…

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